Can Tho expands clean water supply network and invests in irrigation works


A clean water supply pipeline has been operated in Can Tho, helping hundreds of people far from the water plant stop using poor-quality water.

The clean water supply pipeline network has recently been expanded to more than 60 households living on the Xeo Sac canal in Thoi Hoa 2 area, Thoi Long ward, O Mon district, Can Tho newspaper stated in an online bulletin published today.

Although living in the inner city of Can Tho, the people of Thoi Hoa 2 have used river water and groundwater contaminated with alum for many years. Local authorities coordinate the water pipe installation project with the Rural Water and Sanitation Center (Water Center) under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Can Tho City and other stakeholders.

Mr. Tran Van Phu, who lives along Xeo Sac canal excitedly, told Can Tho newspaper:

“The area where I live is quite far from the center of the ward, district and far from the clean water supply plant, so when the water supply pipeline is clean, the water supply pipe is ready pulled here, me and my neighbors were very happy. Currently, my family has installed a meter to use clean water. Turn on the faucet and you will immediately have clean water to use, very convenient, without having to work hard to get river water to use alum.”

Mr. Le Duy Tan, Head of Thoi Hoa 2 area, Thoi Long ward, said:

“In order to create conditions for more than 60 households in Xeo Sac canal to have clocks installed to use clean water, the Water Center has cooperated with districts and wards, areas for investment and installation of large-sized clean water supply pipelines paired along the two banks of Xeo Sac canal with a total length of 3,200 m (1,600 m on each side)”.

Up to now, residential clusters and main traffic axes in 11/11 areas of Thoi Long ward all have clean water supply pipelines covered.

It is expected that the percentage of households using clean water in the ward will be 98.57% higher by the end of this year, compared to 98%.

According to the Water Center, the unit is continuing to coordinate with the authorities of Thoi Long ward as well as other communes, wards and functional agencies in the districts in the city to promptly consider and invest in upgrading, expand the clean water supply network to areas where people need it, especially in remote and rural areas.

Source: Can Tho Electronic Newspaper



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