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The most established water & wastewater treatment event

Vietwater is the largest trade event for water resources, water & wastewater treatment in Vietnam for more than 10 years.


B2B platform for equipment suppliers to connect with decision makers in water industry

Gather 14,000+ attendees working in diversity of water industry from Executive Management, Plant Manager, Technical Manager, etc., Vietwater is an ideal playground for networking.


Generate business leads from huge customer database

Vietwater has attracted a huge number of water peers and a trusted platform to do business for many years.


Industry Orientation Point for Industry Players

Vietwater provides a series of international conference and workshop for all attendees to learn & exchange business knowledge.



Water supply Technology

Drainage & Sewerage Technology

Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Water Treatment Technologies

Sludge Treatment

Water Testing & Measurement


Pumps & Valves

Fitting & Materials

Environmental Technology

Water Management and Smart Water Solutions



Mr. Fabian Fischer

Advisor for International Program - German Water Parnership

We are here very positive about this year's Vietwater and we are happy about the synergy, it has a combination with the WETV and we are also happy to be here present with the Germany pavilion and many exhibitors from Germany. We are definitely comeback next year for the Vietwater and We have to come with the even bigger Germany Pavilion.

Ms. Hye-Ri, JANG

Head. Office & Factory 1 - SIJ Shin Jeung Mach.Co.,Ltd

This is my second time participating, and I am delighted to see water treatment equipment from different countries here. I feel that I have gained a lot from this exhibition, so I am also planning to participate in next year's exhibition.

Ms. Luu Van Quynh

Region Director - VietChem - Happyvet

This is our third time participating in the Vietwater 2023, and we are honored to be part of this exhibition because Vietwater is one of the specialized events in the water industry that our company is currently developing. We have returned for the third time, and we believe that this will be step forward for us to accompany Vietwater in the upcoming seasons.

Mr. Nick Gillam

BDM - Interntional - Radius Systems Ltd

This is a second visit to Vietwater. We think it's really good event and in Asia Market, I think it's hard to see in the region. It's a very good event. If you looking to go somewhere when you have to be it. It's a good place to start. We definitely continue business development across the Asia region.

Mr. Florian Garnier

Managing Director Vietnam - SFA Pumps

It's exactly the second time we have attended this event. This event is one of the biggest events in water in Vietnam. It is about Vietnamese markets and also more internationally so that is why it is very important for us to have more abilities for the brand we did in Vietnam and also we did in regions.

Mr. Masato Yoshikawa

Representatives of HCM Branch Office - Goshu Kohsan (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd

So we think we joined more than 10 times. I think this show is very good. There are very much markets. And, of course, we will join again next year.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan

Materials Department Deputy General Manager - Toray International Vietnam Company Limited

It is indeed the third time that Toray has participated in Vietwater. In Vietnam, Vietwater is the largest trade show related to the water industry, so we chose Vietwater to participate and introduce our products.

Ms. Joya Etterli

Project Manager - Swissenviro GmbH

So actually this is the first time here at VietWater. We experienced really good to witness the exhibition so a lot of visitors, also programs, and high quality so with their opening ceremony session and really interesting programs. Yes, we would love to come again next year.

Mr. Pravir A Shetty

Director - Organic Industries Privated Limited

We have a lot of good experiences in Vietnam & we meet a lot of potential customers. Vietwater is fanstactic, a lot of people and exhibitors, including us. We are looking for the future also, so, it is a really good experience for us. New customers not only out of Vietnam Indonesia, South America and for many many places, they look up & interact with us, we can boost our business.

Mr. Gregor M. van Essen

Managing Director - The Water Agency

For us this is a great way to connect with a lot of partners, and clients, catching lots of people promoting our services very actively in VietNam so this is the place to be. Of course, we have a great lot of pavilion here as big as well. We have lots of great events with workshops, and seminars. Many really good events.

Mr. Pham Vuong Anh

Sales Manager - Thai Khuong Pumps

Vietwater is one of the largest international exhibitions in the water industry. The event attracts a great deal of interest from relevant customers in the water and wastewater field. That's why we chose to participate in this year's exhibition. We would love to have large-scale exhibitions which are professionally prepared and organized so that Thai Khuong has the opportunity to accompany and bring our solutions closer to our target customers.

Mr. Pham Trong Thanh

Chief Process - Sales Engineer - Organo (Vietnam) Company Limited

This year is our 6th year participating in Vietwater exhibition. The products we bring this year are almost all solutions in the water industry. Vietwater is a major exhibition for the water industry every year. It has a history of being one of the most prestigious exhibitions every year, and I'm participating in it for the sixth time. Of course, we are always ready to promote our brand at Vietwater next year.

Ms. Sally Amstong

Head of International and Industry Programs - Australian Water Association

We’ve been coming since 2015 and the only time that we haven’t been here was during the Covid years. We’ve been partnering with Vietnam on improving our water sectors for eight years while at the Water Association and so we see it as an opportunity to come together and help each other solve water problems. Absolutely, we’ll be back next year, bigger and better in 2023.

Mr. Guy Rogers

Intec Export Intelligence (UK Pavilion)

We picked Vietwater as an exhibition for a number of reasons. Firstly, because of its presentation as being the best water exhibition in Vietnam. But primarily because of the opportunities which exist in the water sector in Vietnam for British companies. We’ve already pre-booked a slot here for the UK Pavilion in Vietwater 2023. And we’re very much looking for to coming back and developing the contacts and connections that have been made this year.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hai

General Manager - Vietchem

This is an opportunity for our company to introduce products and new technologies to customers. I'm looking forward to participating more times because the exhibition brings a lot of value to individuals, businesses and community that specialized in water management.

Mr. Mai Xuan Thanh

Deputy General Director - Toan A Company

Joining Vietwater this year, the company feels very happy because of the scale of the exhibition and the booths attended. And this is a huge event in the water industry of Vietnam in general and Southeast Asian countries in particular. This is the 5th time we have participated in Vietwater. Vietwater is a very big event, so we really hope to continue to attend this program in the years to come.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Bach

Sale Director - Công ty CP Kỹ thuật Môi trường Việt An

Out of all the exhibitions in Vietnam, Vietwater is the biggest event in the water industry. It is one of the exhibitions that almost all customers related to the water and industrial zones. And this is also known as a large and comprehensive exhibition about the environment Vietnam. I'll definitely be back.

Mr. Vu Tri Chinh

Business Manager - Tecomen Group

Karofi decided to participate in Vietwater 2022 because we want to introduce and promote our most advanced technology such as voice technology, Aio Tec technology applied into our water filter products to international friends and Vietnamese customers. Secondly, Karofi has an mission of proving to the world that the water filters made in Vietnam are extremely high quality and worthy of the top of Southeast Asia.

Mr. Jasvinder Singh

Project Manager - Singapore Water Association

It’s nice to be back in Vietwater after 3 years. We’ve been participating in this show close to 10 years now. And it’s been excellent, it’s a great turnout, a big crowd. Definitely we’ll be back again next year, probably a bigger pavilion with more exhibitors. And some of the exhibitors this year are keen to come back next year. Sure we’ll be here again.

Mr. Hoang Minh Bach

CEO - Song Hong Viet Co., LTD

In fact, I know that Vietwater is one of the prestigious international exhibitions that exhibitors are not easily able to participate in. Vietwater helps us improve our businesses, products, and our business image in front of international clients. We also have a plan for next year and have just discussed having a booth for next year and the following years with the Vietwater organizer.



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