10.000+ sqm

Exhibition Space


Exhibiting Companies






national pavilions



B2B exhibition for water and wastewater treatment in Vietnam

Gathers 500+ international suppliers to exhibit and introduce products to the Vietnamese water industry business community


Introducing thousands of equipment, technology in the world

As a prestigious trading point for many years, Vietwater introduce advanced technology to the water industry community through product technology webinars.


Generate suppliers lead

Variety of suppliers from more than 25 countries/regions, attenders have many suppliers to choose from according to their needs.


Industry Orientation Point for Industry Players

Vietwater provides a series of webinars organized by the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) and technical conferences presented by suppliers



Ministry / Government

Environment / Civil Engineering Consultants

Food / Drinks / Beverages / Distillery / Brewery

Palm Oil/ Sugar Refining

Petrochemical / Chemical / Oil and Gas


Pulp and Paper

Sewerage Companies / Operators

Town / City Councils

Water Companies / Operators



Ms. Pham Thi Truc Ly

Tan Thien Phuc Company Limited

The group have participated in Vietwater for many years. Coming back this time, the group saw a large exhibition and was very impressed. The exhibition also has a variety of unique products and display booths.

Ms. Pham Thi Hoai Ly

Chief Technical - VIENCO Environmental Technology and Construction Company Limited

The group went in previous years and felt that this year's Vietwater exhibition was good. In terms of partners, the exhibition evaluation team has many partners. The delegation paid special attention to partner Dong Dai Tien.

Mr. Dinh Quang Minh

Marketing Specialist - ABB Automation and Electrification Company Limited (Vietnam)

The group has participated 4 times in Vietwater. This year, although the exhibition had few guests, it was still very exciting. The exhibition was organized very professionally, so we really enjoyed it. The purpose of this visit of the group is to meet and find new partners for the company

Mr. Vo Nhat Tan

Manager - Phòng Giảm thất thoát nước - Tổng Công ty Cấp nước Sài Gòn – TNHH MTV

Our team felt that this year the exhibition focused more on Chinese companies. The field of technology is constantly changing and developing, so our team must regularly update trends and technology. On the plus side, I see that this year we have many stalls from Germany.

Mr. Hoang Nghia Tai

Manager - Center for Domestic water and Rural sanitation of Hung Yen Province

The group felt good, having visited the Vietwater exhibition 3 times and all of them were from receiving mail. The delegation felt it was full of goods and necessary for the business.

Mr. Nguyen Truong Giang

Vice director - Quang Binh Rural Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation Center

I'm keenly interested in the exhibition. I'm impressed with the exhibition's theme of clean water treatment. The organizer has been attentive to provide detailed information about procedures, booth locations and even lunch support for the delegation. At the exhibition, we have the opportunity to connect with suppliers, materials, equipment, and technology.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hoa

Vice director - Ben Tre Rural Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation Center

Every year I participate in Vietwater. For me, this year's exhibition is a bit too international, and there are many new technologies. Exhibition helps many people, is a channel to access new information, products, and technology. Meet many quality partners.

Mr. Nguyen Vinh Tho

Manager - Hai Duong Water and Environment Joint Stock Company

I receive emails with information about the exhibition. For me, this year's exhibition is a bit too international, there are too few domestic products, and there are many new technologies. Exhibition is a reputable channel to access new information, products, and technologies.

Mr. Le Quoc Phuc

Chairman of the board

I see that this year's exhibition does not have products suitable for my field of water supply and drainage industry, such as smart meters for water supply and drainage.

Ms. Dang Thi Bich Phung

Factory manager - N.I.D Production and Trading Joint Stock Company

I was invited by water industry companies and investors to attend the conference. I feel like this year the scale of the exhibition is smaller than last year. There are also more foreign booths. I think Vietnamese booths and products are easier to apply.

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thien

Manager - Nhat Quang Trading – Service & Production Company Limited

I went in mainly to meet acquaintances and then left. When I entered, I didn't know so I registered again even though I had previously registered as a group. Send me the catalog after the conference ends

Ms. Truong Thi Bao Ngoc

ACE Vietnam Company Limited

I received information from the email and have been participating in Vietwater for 3 years. I see that this year's scale is smaller than last year, with more Chinese booths. Next year, I hope the exhibition will invite more booths

Mr. Tan Le Luan

Head of the delegation - Center for Monitoring - Technology of Natural Resources and Environment of Binh Duong Province

We regularly attend Vietwater exhibition event every year. Here we are looking for wastewater treatment technology as well as attending water industry seminars to learn more about products to serve the center's operations. We will come back to attend Vietwater's next events.

Mr. Dinh Truong Giang

Deputy Director - Quang Binh Rural Water and Sanitation Center

In Quang Binh, the raw water source for clean water production is often affected by weather: alum or saline intrusion in the sun, turbidity and sediment in the rain. Hence I wants to see newer models of water treatment lines. I very much hope that next year he will be able to organize more in the Central region.

Mr. Hai

Technical department specialist - Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Company

For Vietwater, this is an annual event for our company. The reception at the event was very good and professional, the exhibitors introduced products and technology very enthusiastically. I will definitely come back to visit next time

Mr. Chay Lo

Founder and Chairman - Water Partners (Cambodia) Company Ltd

This year, we are very excited because we are back after almost 2 years that we cannot join. So we are very excited to meet our friends and our partners. And the environment here becomes more active and dynamic to join together. Thank to this event and the organizers, especially Informa Markets that allow us to join this important and interesting event.



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